Userlib Functions

These functions directly access zlibwapi.dll.

Table of Contents

ZlibWapi_Adler32 - Generates an Adler-32 checksum for the contents of a Blitz bank.
ZlibWapi_Compress2 - Compress the bank sourceBank with a level specified by compressionLevel.
ZlibWapi_CompressBound - Estimates the size of buffer required to compress sourceLength bytes of data.
ZlibWapi_Compress - Compresses a Blitz bank.
ZlibWapi_Crc32 - Computes a running CRC-32 checksum.
ZlibWapi_UnCompress - Decompresses the data in a Blitz bank.
ZlibWapi_UnzCloseCurrentFile - Closes the file that was opened with "ZlibWapi_UnzOpenCurrentFile".
ZlibWapi_UnzClose - Closes a zip file opened with ZlibWapi_UnzOpen.
ZlibWapi_UnzGetCurrentFileInfo - Gets information about the file pointed at by the current file pointer.
ZlibWapi_UnzGetGlobalComment - Gets the global comment for a ZIP file opened with UnzOpen.
ZlibWapi_UnzGetGlobalInfo - Gets information about a ZIP file that was opened with UnzOpen.
ZlibWapi_UnzGoToFirstFile - Sets the current file pointer to the first file in the ZIP.
ZlibWapi_UnzGoToNextFile - Moves the current file pointer to the next file in the ZIP.
ZlibWapi_UnzLocateFile - Tries to locate the file "fileName" in the zipfile, and if successful sets the current file to the found file.
ZlibWapi_UnzOpenCurrentFile - Opens the file pointed at by the current file pointer for reading.
ZlibWapi_UnzOpen - Open a zip file for reading / writing.
ZlibWapi_UnzReadCurrentFile - Reads data from the currently open file and uncompresses it into memory.
ZlibWapi_zError - Gets a string indentifying an error with the code "errorCode".
ZlibWapi_ZipCloseFileInZip - Closes a file in a ZIP that was opened by "ZlibWapi_ZipOpenNewFileInZip".
ZlibWapi_ZipClose - Closes a file that has been opened with ZlibWapi_ZipOpen.
ZlibWapi_ZipOpenNewFileInZip - Create a new file entry in a ZIP file.
ZlibWapi_ZipOpenNewFileInZip3 - Extended function for creating a new file entry in a ZIP file.
ZlibWapi_ZipOpen - Opens a ZIP file for writing. If the file doesn't exist, it will be created.
ZlibWapi_ZipWriteFileInZip - Writes the contents of a bank to an opened ZIP file entry.
ZlibWapi_ZlibVersion - Returns the version of Zlib being used.