Wrapper Functions

Wrapper functions that make it easier to use ZIP functionality. These functions should be used instead of userlib functions, as they contain error checking and remove a lot of messing around with parameters.

Table of Contents

ZipApi_AddBankAsFile - Add a file to a ZIP directly from bank data.
ZipApi_AddFile - Add a file to a ZIP that has been opened with ZipApi_CreateZip.
ZipApi_Adler32 - Calculates the Adler32 of a bank.
ZipApi_Close - Closes a zip file. Make sure to close files opened with ZipApi_OpenCurrentFile first.
ZipApi_CloseZip - Closes a ZIP resource that was opened with ZipApi_CreateZip.
ZipApi_Compress - Compresses a Blitz bank, and returns a new bank containing the compressed data.
ZipApi_CompressBank - Compress a bank, and return the result as a new bank with size information appended.
ZipApi_Crc32 - Calculates the CRC32 value a bank.
ZipApi_CreateZip - Create and open a new ZIP file for adding files to.
ZIPAPI_Date_Create - Create and return a new ZIPAPI_Date object, based on the current time and date.
ZIPAPI_Date_Dispose - Frees the memory used by a ZIPAPI_Date object and deletes it.
ZIPAPI_Date_FromBank - Creates a new ZipApi_Date object and reads its contents from a bank.
ZIPAPI_Date_FromFile - Create and return a new ZIPAPI_Date object, based on the information for a file.
ZIPAPI_Date_ToBank - Places the contents of a ZIPAPI_Date object into a bank.
ZipApi_ExtractFile - Extracts a file from a ZIP and returns the path to open it.
ZipApi_ExtractFileAsBank - Extracts a file from a zip and returns it as a Blitz bank.
ZipApi_GetCurrentFileInfoFast - Gets information about the current file in an opened ZIP.
ZipApi_GetCurrentFileInfo - Gets information about the current file pointed at in the zip.
ZipApi_GetFileInfo - Gets information about any file within a zip file.
ZipApi_GetGlobalInfo - Gets information about an open zip file, such as how many files it contains.
ZipApi_GetUnpackedSize - Gets the total uncompressed size of a Zip file.
ZIPAPI_GlobalInfo_Dispose - Free the memory used by a ZIPAPI_GlobalInfo object and delete it.
ZIPAPI_GlobalInfo_FromBank - Create a ZIPAPI_GlobalInfo object and read data from the contents of a bank.
ZipApi_GotoFirstFile - Sets the zip's internal file pointer to the first file in the zip.
ZipApi_GotoNextFile - Sets the current file of the zip to the next file.
ZipApi_Open - Open a zip file for reading.
ZipApi_UnCompress - Uncompresses the contents of a Blitz bank.
ZipApi_UnCompressBank - Uncompresses a bank previously compressed using ZipApi_CompressBank.
ZIPAPI_UnzFileInfo_Dispose - Free the memory used by a ZIPAPI_UnzFileInfo object.
ZIPAPI_UnzFileInfo_FromBank - Create a ZIPAPI_UnzFileInfo object and read data from the contents of a bank.
ZipApi_VerifyZipFileHeader - Checks that a file has the correct header.
ZipApi_ZipOpenFileInZip - A slightly simpler interface to ZlibWapi_ZipOpenNewFileInZip.