Colours are added to text using special codes, and then calling either WriteC or PrintC. Text styles should be reset by adding the reset code (%n) once finished.

For example, to display "This text is RED, this text is BLUE.", the following string should be used: "This text is %rRED%n, this text is %bBLUE%n.".


Some colours and styles only work on ANSI terminals.

Table1.Colour codes

Colour Normal style Bold style Background
Black %k %K %0
Red %r %R %1
Green %g %G %2
Yellow %y %Y %3
Blue %b %B %4
Magenta %m %M %5
Purple %p %P
Cyan %c %C %6
White %w %W %7

Table2.Style codes

Style Code
Blinking, flashing %F
Underline %U
Invert, reverse %8
Bold %_, %9
Reset color %n
Single% %%