Plugin Reference

BlitzBuild can be extended using plugins, which are dynamically loaded when BlitzBuild is called. Plugins are typically used to "wrap" the functionality of an existing program, such as UPX.

Several third-party plugins are included with the default BlitzBuilds installation, and more can be found on the BlitzBuild project page.

This section will eventually contain information on creating your own plugins.

Table of Contents

XII. Plugin: Soda.Protean
protean - Builds a Protean project.
protean::get-project-version - Gets the version of a Protean project.
XIII. Plugin: Soda.ResHacker
addresource - Adds a resource to an executable file.
reshack::resource-type - Gets the ResHacker friendly name of a resource type.
XIV. Plugin: Soda.UPX
upx - Packs an executable or dll using UPX.
XV. Plugin: Soda.Zip
zip - Adds files to a zip file.