What is BlitzUnit?

BlitzUnit is a simple tool for creating and running unit tests for the Blitz series of languages Blitz3D and BlitzPlus).

Why Use BlitzUnit?

Unit tests are a way for software developers to verify that the software they write behaves in an expected way. This is particularly useful when refactoring software, as changes that break the expected behaviour can be found quickly.

If you've ever written the contents of a variable to the screen to check a function did what it was supposed to, then you've written a very simple test. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to keep these tests outside of the main application source code and run them automatically?

That's where BlitzUnit comes in.

Version History

Version 0.1.1 - August 28th, 2008

Several bug fixes:

  • [Resolved] Log file misses off the last test that was executed.

  • [Resolved] GUI does not save path information in project files .

  • [Resolved] Incorrect include paths in test files cause an "Invalid Stream" error.

  • Project icon now displays correctly.

Version 0.1.0 - June 11th, 2008

The initial release of BlitzUnit. GUI mode and Console mode are both usable. The following features are also complete:

  • Very simple management for projects. Create projects, add and remove files and save them.

  • Running unit tests on a project, or on a single file.

  • Assertions for strings, integers and floats.

  • Two special assertions for comparing banks.

  • Very simple logging.